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Electrical Safety Laws


ELECSA registered electricians have already helped to improve the standard of electrical work in the UK. A new electrical safety law has further enhanced the protection of homeowners and reduced the risk of electric shock when using electricity. The law, which applies to England and Wales aims to improve electrical safety in the home and prevent the number of accidents, which are caused by faulty electrical work.


The law requires an electrician registered with a government-approved scheme, such as ELECSA, to carry out most electrical work in the home. After completion of any work your ELECSA registered electrician will issue you with a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate to prove it meets the required standards of Part P.


You can only carry out electrical work yourself if you can inspect and test that it is safe for use. To comply with the law you must notify your local building control office before you begin any work and pay the appropriate fee for them to inspect the work.




Is the Wiring in your home Safe?


Government Statistics show unsafe electrical installation cause more than 750 serious accidents and 12,500 fires in homes each year.


Electrics in the home should be checked every ten years, because in less time than you may think, the electrics can become damaged or worn through general wear and tear. If the electrics in your house have been checked before, a notice will usually be fixed on or near the fuse board recommending the next inspection date.


If you are moving home, you need to know about the electrics in your new property. Be extra cautious if the property is old as it runs a higher risk of having faulty wiring.


An electrical survey known as an electrical installation condition report, looks for possible electric shock risks and fire hazards. We will carry out tests on wiring and fixed electrical equipment, identify any faulty electrical work and highlight if safety measures (such as bonding) are present in the bathroom. The report identifies the overall condition of the all the electrics, stating whether it is satisfactory for continued use and any work which might need to be done.

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